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Pilfer-Proof Caps

The production of our products is realized according to the standards of the quality management system EN 9001:2000, which we created within our own management structures. Using good production applications, our production takes place under clean, dustless and controlled conditions. For the P.P. caps alternatives like PE foam seals, Tri-Seal, Eva and those made of caoutchouck are available. Ali the molds used for our production are being designed and manufactured in the mold department of our company.

22/14 Pilfer-Proof Cap

25/16 Pilfer-Proof Cap

28/16 Pilfer-Proof Cap

28/18 Pilfer-Proof Cap

31/18 Pilfer-Proof Cap

41/18 Pilfer-Proof Cap

53/18 Dispencer Sealed Pilfer-Proof Cap