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The world we're Irving in is rapidly changing due to the inventions realized by the scientific revolutions. As a result of globalization and the removal of customs barriers, we're facing the appearance of various product and commercialization conditions as an important factor within competition circumstances.

This fact reflects the relationship between producers and their customers. This relationship enforces the supplier to realize the customer's complete needs within the product, as well as the fact that the customer has to set right his needs and wishes as detailed as possible towards the supplier.

Setting up according to the vision of fulfilling the customers wishes, As Kapak has succeeded in realizing its production lines strengthened by technological basic elements, with the application of proper production principles under controlled clean and dustless conditions.

Aluminum and Plastic Safety Caps, Flip Off, penicillin and types of cover in Dehumidifier, the range of products in different sizes As Kapak; Lameplast Group is the representative of Turkey and the Middle East.

The capability to manufacture a product, requested in the pharmaceutial area, by ensuring the effectivity and economy, the "Quality Management System" carries a high importance concerning hygene, esthetics, durability changeability.

The management system EN 9001:2015, which As Kapak developed within its own management structures, complies to the requirements of the Standards of the Ouality Management system and are certified by the international foundation RW TÜV

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About Us